Space Aliens

Far, far away and a long time ago there was a family of aliens who had to move house to Neptune because they didn’t have any money. The little aliens’ father had to go away to get a better job so they had to look after their mother.
One day a space monster came to Neptune. The aliens were very cross and scared. None of the aliens could speak English, French or Greek, they had to grunt and squeak but they could understand what the monster was saying. He said ‘GRRRRRRRRR!!!’ as loud as he could. ‘I’m going to eat you all up!’ he growled.
Then the smallest alien squeaked
‘You can’t do that; our mummy will phone the police!’
‘She won’t!’ growled the monster.
‘Oh yes she will!’ squeaked the little aliens. ‘Then the policeman will put you in prison!’
‘Oh no he won’t!’ growled the monster and they carried on doing it.
Quite soon the monster got tired of this so he went home.
The aliens lived together for a long time without being troubled by the monster but one day he came to their house with a chainsaw!
‘If I can’t destroy you, then I’ll destroy your house!’ he growled and knocked the whole house down! ‘That will get you!’ he growled.
‘No it won’t!’ squeaked the aliens and phoned the space police.
From then on the aliens lived happily ever after. (Once they had rebuilt the house!)