About (2004)

Jordan-Maynard.org is a non-profit organisation dedicated to exploiting leading-edge technology in pursuit of procrastination. Child-rearing is a core activity, though not necessarily a core competence. While the organisation is engaged in onerous labour for much of the year, we do take pride in our cultural programme, especially the annual summer festival season. Members of the organisation have plentiful opportunities for national and international travel, yet still seem to yearn for more.

TomTom Jordan
Wildlife specialist, noted for his expertise in African antelope. Football trivia maven. His passion for Southampton FC is understandably dampened this season. Burgeoning interest in music; names Maroon Five and Orchestra Baobab among his favourite bands. Professional ambition: Rock star until 40, then football manager.
ClaraClara Jordan
Bookworm, seldom far from a fantasy novel. A poet of disarming honesty. Her artistic talent is a constant mystery to the rest of the organisation, none of whom know which end to hold the pencil. Her elegance in a swimming pool is likewise envied by the denser male partners, who lack her natural buoyancy.
CarolineCaroline Maynard
Chief Executive. Once thought ill-matched to the organisation’s culture due to incorrigible planfulness and self-discipline, she has adapted well since discovering genealogy. Flautist. Understands plumbing. Thwarter of the Evil Empire.
RobRob Jordan
INTP. Edits digital photographs and digital video at a tectonic pace. Employee #1 of the organisation’s commercial arm. Ambition: To win the Tour de France King of the Mountains jersey. Realistically though, a training regime comprising watching the Tour on TV, reading cycling web sites, and salivating over pictures of lovely old lugged steel frames on Flickr, is not going to cut it!

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