Rio brings home a…!

On Friday afternoon me, mum and clara came home to a rather unusual surprise. Rio (one of our two cats) had brought us a present, one we wouldn’t normally expect. Dad was at home and took the creature off Rio (that was still alive) and put it in a shoebox with some earth, water and a slug.
Both our cats kill, or attempt to kill lots of animals. Rio kills by far the most though. He brings home pretty much anything including mice, rats, squirrels and various birds including collared doves, woodpigeons, blackbirds and robins. He has also tried a hedgehog but failed. Sheeba tends to attack the smaller animals, all she’s ever killed is a spider although she often tries frogs and stag beetles! But this time Rio brought home a …………. Slow worm!
We had a look at it for a while before releasing it back into the garden, with the cats safely inside.

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