Tanzania Diary – Day 9

Day 9 – June 3rd
When we got up we had breakfast and then relaxed, as we did not have a game-drive. Then we took down the tents and headed back to Arusha.

The journey was long and slow with the only birds of note being a Black Kite and many Cattle Egrets in the fields. Also the trailer attachment on the adults jeep broke so Arnold, our wonderful cook, had to stay and wait for another Tropical Trails jeep to come and pick it and him up.

When we arrived in Arusha we went to the Tropical Trails office and did some questionaires. We also arranged a trip to Arusha National Park for tommorow when we had a free day. Then we went to the pizza restaraunt next door although the pizza oven was broken so we couldn’t have pizza. Also the swing and the hammock broke so it wasn’t the safest restaraunt we’d ever been to.

After lunch we drove to the Ilboru Safari Lodge where we were staying our last night and had stayed our first. We then said goodbye to Hermann and Maravit although it wasn’t our last goodbye as Hermann was going to be our guide in Arusha NP and Maravit was meeting us at the airport tommorow.

We spent most of that afternoon in the pool before having dinner at the snack bar. Again the group of 3 Glossy Ibis were conspicous, flying over the pool repeatedly and calling during the night.

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