Plans and promises

I’ve no idea how long this will take; I’ve been a competent, dare I say, expert, developer in the past. Developing networking protocol stacks mainly, in C and C++. And then, in a diverse career, I’ve been a makeshift Unix/Linux systems administrator and infrastructure designer. But the chops are rusty. Besides some small-time dabbling in Python and JavaScript, it’s been 15 years since I programmed in earnest.

The plan is to acquire the basics of web application development. Spring seems to be a decent starting point; a balance of mainstream with ‘cool’. That opens the door to Groovy and Grails, which I’m drawn to without much knowledge.

At the same time I am keen to get to grips with Data Science. I have a smattering of relevant experience: A level statistics, machine learning and classification algorithms.

But I’m well aware of the danger of spreading myself too thinly. So let’s draw the line here.

[Image by @giuliaforsythe]