Chur – Bregenz

IMG_20160605_100958361_HDRRiding at the foot of mountains and alongside the Rhine in spate for a drizzly morning. Rob took a detour to test the depth of a ford. Answer: about 3 feet. Gritty trails and lubeless chain made for a noisy day. Long straight lanes through Swiss dairy farms. Sundays in Switzerland are quiet, and half-expected to find no lunch, but after enquiring at the British Biker Pub in Ruthi (that’s Norton and Triumph, not Raleigh and Claud Butler) we were directed to a lively village restaurant in Oberriet with veg/vegan options. After lunch the sun came out and we were soon in Austria, which seemed breezier than Switzerland. But I kindly broke wind for Caroline. Last time here I said Lake Konstanz was like Windermere, this time it’s like Windermere with the Radio 1 roadshow in town. Threaded our way through the pedestrians on the bike path in Bregenz to reach our charming Pension and applied much-needed chain oil.

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