Stein am Rhein – Bad Sackingen

RheinfallHot, hilly and headwind, the miles came hard today, especially as the scenic passes of the Rhine banks took us on a lot of rough off-road trails.

Outstanding breakfast at Nelly and Roman’s B&B in Stein. The area seems to be some kind of new age enclave, N&B weren’t the only ones whose house is decorated with Buddha, crystals and wind chimes.

20 CHFAt Schaffhausen, I exchanged a 20 SFR note I had saved since 1995, a type out of circulation since 2000, but still exchangeable at a small number of agencies of the Swiss National Bank. Just as well we got the ‘free’ 20 SFR because we felt exploited when we had to pay 5 SFR each for a view of the Rheinfall, the biggest waterfall in Europe by volume of water.

All this faffing made us quite late so we just had to trundle in with a short break to eat the sandwiches we made with Nelly’s bread and blessings. Reached Bad Sackingen at 1830.

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