BerWin: On The Road Again

On The Road Again 🎶 No matter how I try to be sophisticated, the shuffle algorithm in my head picks the cheesiest music. Willie Nelson has been playing as Caroline, Rob, Eunice and Evgeny hit the road again. You’ve heard of LeJog; JogLe too if you’re fancy. We’re embarking on leg two of BerJog-BerWin-LeWin. Caught the train from Kings Cross to Berwick. Last time we were here we headed north to Orkney by way of John O’Groats, this time south and homeward bound. It’s been two years since we’ve toured and there has been a lot of idleness in between. So wish us luck taking on the Pennine Cycleway on weak legs. A short warm-up ride this evening, crossing the Tweed a couple of times to reach our B&B in Norham.

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  1. Kevin

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    I did this route in 2008 or 2009. It was fun if tough in places. Hope you enjoy it.
    If you are passing through or near Derby let me know if you want to meet up for a cuppa somewhere. I am away next week so possible I might miss you.
    The Tara Buddhist centre at Etwall – between Ashbourne and Derby – is a nice stop if open.

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